UPDATE 7/5/2021 – if it wasn’t clear from the previous update – fraudulent votes were removed and the resulting winning entries were paid. You can view the results by clicking Top 10 below.

Ahoy, me hearties!

We thank ye kindly for all yer participation in our Pirate meme contest!

After the voyage began, we became aware of some dastardly deeds aboard the ship! Now, the crew is no stranger to navigating rough waters, and saw the storm brewing early on. Rather than turn back, we decided to keep the ship on course. However, during the journey, the crew has worked hard to find the scallywags who dared break the Pirate Meme Code.

Having warned all parties before the voyage began that treacherous attempts to pillage the booty would not be tolerated, shall we surrender to these cheating bilge rats? No quarter! Mutiny will not be tolerated! Avast, ye rapscallions, and walk the plank! Take yer filthy, cheating extra votes with ye to the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker!

Due to the foul play of these picaroons, a few sanctioned privateers from the TSP and Pirate communities will be helping make the final decision about how to divvy up the loot to those who abided by the Code.

Tl;dr – The final vote count will be taken AFTER fraudulent votes and blatant cheaters are bounced from the contest.

We have decided to wait until the close of the contest to take further action in response to reports of possible cheating.

This contest was, and remains, free to enter and equally it is your choice to remove yourself from the contest by attempting actions which invalidate the spirit of the presented rules of the contest.

We are making this announcement to acknowledge the input from, and thank, those who have pointed out their concerns about how the contest could be manipulated at this time. Rest assured that all these methods, and possibly some the community has not considered, are on our radar and will be policed.

If you are not sure if what you are doing is cheating, perhaps you should not do it. As we stated in the rules up front, cheaters will be disqualified, and the contest team is currently seeing no reason to not strengthen this stance based on the behaviors we are seeing.

It has been decided that this policy is the best way at our disposal at this time to keep things as fair as possible for the contestants, and for the real people with real lives running the contest while also ensuring that the concerns raised on this issue by the community were also adequately addressed.